Monday, November 1, 2010

Big Bambu at the Met

Big Bambu - product of Starn twins - installed on the roof of the Met May-October 2010.

"Take 6,800 bamboo poles, seven miles of colorful cord and plans for an art installation that will change every day over a six-month period and ultimately grow to 50 feet high. Add two artists and a bunch of rock climbers who like to listen to the Rolling Stones while they add to the piece, and drink pilsner when they’re done working. And then stick the whole thing on the roof of the esteemed, establishment Metropolitan Museum of Art. "
My BFF Chris and I did an "art in NCY trip in May 2010.  One "must see" was Big Bambu.  I wish we could have seen it at the end!
One of the mountain-climber-builders taking a break.

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