Friday, May 27, 2011

Art at Burning Man 2008

Burning Man Art, 2008

At my first (and probably only) Burning Man I realized that unless I did hard core drugs (not an option) I was going to have to make a choice about what part of the day (or night) I wanted to 'see'.  The daytime is really optimal for experiencing most of the Burning Man art (but not all,as you can see by the pics), whereas the night is all about the dance party.... given my physical limitations and artistic proclivities, I slept from 12 am to about 8-9 pm and and managed to get in a bit of both day and night activities....and still did not take advantage of about 89% of what was happening on the playa!!

Car Destruction

Subversive Maps

Subversive Maps

Armchair Art

Disco Duck


Glowing Tree

Surreal Deal

How about them apples?

Duststorm Diva

Burn the Man

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